cbl2pg is a library to access a postgresql database from programs writen in cobol.

This software has been in production in various of my customers for years without problems.

Is tested with AcuCOBOL and with early versions of TinyCobol, and later versiosn should work as well

This program is free software licensed under the GNU GPL version 2


There is also an old RTF document.


Download cbl2pg source or binary from http://www.pegueroles.com/download/cbl2pg/

Or you browse the source code here.


You can report bugs and request features on our bug tracker or contact me via mail.


Latest news

  • Version 1.0.1 of cbl2pg released

    New version 1.0.1 released. This version includes the COPYRIGHT file and the license information inĀ  the source code.

  • Version 1.0 of cbl2pg uploaded to freshmeat

    Today the version 1.0 of cbl2pg has been uploaded to freshmeat. This is the first release to the public with the aim to get more users to this project that we have been using for years.